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Apologies if this has been asked before....


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Yeah, BF Hardline is its own game.


You have the standard edition and premium edition like BF3 and 4.


Worth buying ?? For me yes and no. The single mode is very good. But the multiplayer, hmmmm no, I don't like the gameplay.


check some gameplay on youtube, and if you can test it before buying, do it.


Also, there are not a lot of player who playing this, find a server can be a mission. 


If you want police/bad guy shit, try counter strike or rainbow six siege ^^


For me BF should stay in military operation

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I hear the price has been lowered significantly since it's release.


However, after testing the beta it made me feel it is a BF mod. 


I have friends who play it, but, not many. I am a Battlefield diehard.  :ph34r:  


You may like it and that's fine. Different strokes for different folks.  :tongue:


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