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How to disable STAMINA in your scenario


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1. Create a trigger.


2. Give the trigger variable name fatigue_1 and the text name fatigue.


3. Set the trigger activation type to None and activation to None. Also, check repeatable.


4. In trigger Expression - condition type      alive player and ("PARAM_Fatigue" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue == 0)


                                      - On activation       player enableFatigue false;


5. In trigger Timer, set to Timeout and have all the time values set to 0.


6. In trigger Effects, set Effect Condition to true and all the options below to No Sound or No Music or No Overlay.

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This was one of my earlier, more disastrous findings in the ARMA archives. It works but not the best way to do it. 


enableStamina false;       works far better when placed in the initPlayerLocal.sqf.


For missions that you can respawn in, add a respawn eventHandler too, with the same details.

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