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I have somewhat of a question here. I have been noticing that the "Kills" that I make in a match doesn't quite match up with the total at the ending of a match. For instances, I began a match by sniping with a DMR. I was hitting like crazy, and I wanted to make sure so every time I took out an enemy combatant I would look to see if it registered, and it did.  I must have hit 10 targets within a very short time at the beginning of the match. Then went on to do more damage. But at the end of the round, it showed that I only took out Four. That's crazy. Is this a bug, or am I just day dreaming here???


Thank You.

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I think I finally found out what the answer is. I'm finding it that after a match is over I get a "Non-Connectivity" error. Thus, the match has no time to cycle through. That's the best I can understand. I called "Origin" and they don't know what to do except post it on their forums...Go figure.....
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