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Weapon Suppressors


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Yes, I fully understand that Suppressors are all very different in "Real Fire", but in the "Game" no. It's like 011 said, "Some just look Cooler on other weapons in the game". Well not word for word.....Hey, 101. Are you going to tell me what year that M-14 is???
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Nah, no trunk ride. They approach you with friends that you know. This way you have trust. It's after about an hour car ride to you long lost friends new place that things look and feel wrong. And of course, you should have listened to your gut feeling to begin with before you left your house. Because this shit NEVER happens. Then you are handed over to people that are not nice at all...........And your on your way to the eternal dirt nap.
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use this link for all stats on BF4 weapons and attachments and comparisons.


As far as camo run goes, No one has requested a camo run in some time so until someone goes to that thread and makes a post requesting it, we have no plans to do so. All it takes is someone to post in this thread 




A put a date and time that they want players are and we will get it done. 

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