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Computer in for maintrnance


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Haha, grounded yes. But not that version. More like the version of down to earth.


Phone plan is fine. Never go over. I can afford a decent plan. Just limited by my geographic location on speeds


Whats wrong with being a sound engineer? Its not that magical. Other than digital mixers and wireless mics


CMDR Onrus DV. 101


whats wrong, getting Ethernet installed?

Ethernet I can do, here is signal flow


Internet 》 ISP 》 Tower ( Wireless) 》 My router ( Hard Wire with cat 6) 》 My laptop (both wireless and wired)


Where is the flaw?


CMDR Onrus DV. 101


Why would i ever lie to you patches. I dont wanna be thrown into your human jail haha


CMDR Onrus DV. 101

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