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On the topic of my last post:"I've searched a couple different forums for binding, but can't find exactly what I'm lookin for. I even found a French site, but couldn't make enough of it to work. I'm trying to bind my CTRL button (normally crouch) to a locked crouch. Push it, it locks, push it again, it stands. Much like prone works. Also, I'd like to do the same to SHIFT for walking. Any help'd be appreciated."[TA]-Laughing_Fat_man replied:>> Try this, found it on a CS scripting site.. alias duck_t "duck_on" alias duck_on "alias duck_t duck_off; +duck" alias duck_off "alias duck_t duck_on; -duck" bind "ctrl" "duck_t">>So, I put it in config.cfg, but it'll only work until a map change. Or I restart HL. At the top of config, it says to use userconfig.cfg for custom changes, so I made a userconfig.cfg and put the above in there. But it still won't work right. However, I also made my own bind for a crouch jump:alias jump_t "+duck_t; +jump; +duck_t"bind "SPACE" "+jump_t"I put that into userconfig, and it WILL stay, wether I change maps, restart, etc. It stays put. So why doesn't the crouch lock work?FYI, in config.cfg, the first line is unbindall and the last line is exec userconfig.cfgThese lines are not in userconfig.cfgThanks in advance. And thanks, Fat Man. :shock:
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just to be sure, in your userconfig.cfg file, add the following as the last line:exec custom.cfgnow make your own file (called custom.cfg) in Notepad or your text editor of choice. put all your fun stuff (binds, scripts) in there.try both scripts that you mentioned in custom.cfg, and tell us if either one still doesn't work. i have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but if simplicity works, that's great!
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