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Hacked Origin account


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Hello everyone


Some sad news and good ones after Canada day. I have long been suspected by Origin account was being used by someone else and did not say anything till now. I kept getting my account was in use messages. I decided that I had enough of these stupid messages and investigate. I have changed my password and changed all my info for email and contact. I also added some extra measures to login settings. This morning, I finally caught that bastard using my account. He couldn't log in. And he tried many times . If that piece of shit ever got to read this post . He better know I am not done yet with him. I am going to find him. As for the rest of my friends on EA. Please rest assured my account is still safe in my hands again. We will continue to play battlefield together. Sadly Axle will still get annoyed by me. And so will patches. But I still like then both.




CMDR Onrus DV. 101

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