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Weapon finds it hard to believe I do much more than Will Ferrel in Step Brothers, so I thought I would post some details on my current project. Here it is: The Goethals Replacement Bridge project, flanking spans, back spans , main spans, and tower anchorage. Below is a link to the web cam. The bridge runs from Elizabeth, NJ to nowhere, Staten Island. Here's a news story with a rendering of the bridge once constructed. Here's a link to a news story about a precast girder falling. The precast  girders are part of the approaches and not in my scope. Fortunately nobody was hurt. And here's a link to the web cam's, courtesy of the Port Authorities of NY and NJ. You can pan and zoom with your mouse.


This line of work is very shitty. I don't like it, but it's where I am for now.

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