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Battlefield 1’s Elite Classes and where to find them in the open beta


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The big, bulky and powerful Elite units you can play as in the Battlefield 1 beta.


Battlefield 1 will introduce a new type Battle Pickup called Elite Classes. These guys have more health than any regular soldier. More importantly, they have unique abilities and dish out a tonne of damage.


Three have been announced so far – the Flame Trooper, the Sentry, and the Tank Hunter – and all three are available in the Sinai Desert map, which is the open beta map.


In the video in the top, Alex gives you a quick recap of what Elite Classes are, how you can use them, and of course, where to find them in the map.


There’s footage of all there in there, and a few tips on how you can best utilise them, specifically when it comes to learning their weaknesses. If you miss them the first time, don’t worry, they will spawn again during the match at the usual spots.

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