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DICE Taking Suggestions for New Map

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Battlefield 1 Beta: DICE Taking Suggestions for New Map


Sinai Desert not enough for you? Send in your suggestion for a new map.


The ongoing Battlefield 1 open beta currently features just one map, the expansive and varied Sinai Desert. While developer DICE has not said if any new maps will be added in the beta's remaining days, the developer is now taking requests for new ones in the game's official forums.


As spotted by VideoGamer, the official Battlefield Twitter account told one fan, "We are taking suggestions for a new map" and then directed them to the game's forums. Another person said they were tired of the Sinai Desert map, to which DICE said, "We understand," and told the fan they could submit their suggestion for a new map in the game's forums.


DICE has not said if it will deliver a new map for the Battlefield 1 beta, which wraps up on Thursday, September 8. You can see all of Battlefield 1's confirmed maps and modes by following those links.


The Battlefield 1 open beta features only one map currently, but its playable on two modes: Conquest (64 players) and Rush (32 players). The Sinai Desert map is massive, featuring a number of distinct areas, dynamic weather, and a deadly armored train.


Source http://www.gamespot.com/articles/battlefield-1-beta-dice-taking-suggestions-for-new/1100-6443329/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b

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