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Favorite Guns and Things


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Now that we have a couple of days of usable combat time out of World War 3, I thought I would start a thread to chart our favorite gun, strike and accessory choices. Even with the limited choices on guns, the game has a dizzying array of configurations and options. Post about your favorite finds to help others joining us get a successful start or those of us who are still stumbling in the dark. Some initial thoughts from me are below.


Guns: TOR sniper rifle with SWAT scope. Guaranteed kill in one shot unless you hit an armor plate (or lag). Enough said.


Both shotguns are also amazing choices with decent range. They are fast firing, high damage and with enough spread to ensure those armor plates dont absorb every pellet.


Strike: Flying Eye. This gives your teammates a mini-map and spots on nearby enemies. A little hard to deploy but seeing how many enemies are concentrated on a point can make or break a push.


Secondary Item: Med/Ammo Bag. Very helpful for keeping your squad alive and armed.

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The automatic shot gun (VEPR) is super powerful in this game. Even through some of the optimization issues, you can 1-2 tap your victims even at a moderate range. Highly recommend running this as a secondary weapon.


Also, don't forget the bipod reduces recoil by 90 percent when you are prone. Turn those LMGs into laser beams with the right positioning.

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