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Earlier I had thought it would be cool to replace the knife in Firearms with a spork, the best utensil, so when owned someone with the knife, it would look amusing. After some browsing at model websites for Firearms, I realized that there wasn't a model available to download. So I started up AutoCAD 2000, a great program, and modeled the spork to the best of my ability - too many curves (it had been a while since I modeled anything, let alone something I couldn't take accurate measurements)! After a bit of work i AutoCAD monday, part of my three day weekend, I finished it, though I need to make a few minor changes. Then I started up Bryce 5.0 and rendered it with some defualt textures to make it look semi-decent - I was too lazy to make some textures in Photoshop. And now you have the spork collection! Now I have to experiment with Firearms and maybe animations to get it ingame. This weekend I'll give it a try...





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