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Baldur's Gate 3 Official Opening Cinematic in 4k


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I so cant wait for this game. I dont really have the time to invest in a online game but a solid single player that I can pause or play for 20-30 min at a pop would be great.

My dad has a pretty large stroke two weeks ago and I've been either at work or at the hospital since. They were gonna send him to a rehab place but the only two that would take his insurance look like places in worse condition than a bombed out middle eastern town. I quickly put a halt to that however to get him into someplace close and that hasnt been fined 30k for health and welfare violations last yr is like 800 bucks a day so they are sending him home and having an aide and therapist come in and see him at home. Thats awesome and all but since my brother in law and I are the only ones in the family not on disability means there will be even less time.

This getting older and having responsibilities this sucks. I'd really dig being able to loop time and just play back say 93-95 over and over again.

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