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Going back in time...


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Back in the day when I was but a sprout, my folks were pretty strict about what shows we watched (Hey Im from the south.). So much so that unless the adult humor was so well hidden we didn't ask any questions and sometimes laughed just because Mom or Dad did. I've embarked on an epic quest to watch / rewatch these shows as an adult and let me tell you... they are awesome.
As a young kid the subtlety of Redd Foxx's humor on Sanford and Son or Carrol O'Conner's jibes and the undertones of All in the Family are amazing and side splittingly funny, well unless you are easily offended and then, well you have no business even attempting humor. I just finished the full 11 season run of MASH and while we were allowed to watch it we didn't get half the jokes. The take on war and the horrors that accompany it were also quite poignant given that the show aired within the last three years of the Vietnam War when approval of our involvement was at an all time low.
It certainly had some adult jokes and dark humor but it was a great show, much more so than what i remembered.  
If you haven't taken the time to rewatch these, some of us are old geezers, or if as a younger person (God, I sound old) then you should definitely put them in your streaming list.  

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