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Was on the old forums before the wipe.


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Sup guys its me Grr_Shadowstalker. Im a regular visitor to the ta server and most ta's no me. I can across an interesting post concerning the war in Iraq and i wanted to respond to it but sadly the forums got wiped. I read this article in Newsweek and i wanted to post some of it for your generous consideration." The toxic atmosphere of anti-americanism prevailing in Europe these days seems to go beyond any specific policy. Traveling through Europe last week, I was confronted with a barrage of angry questions and simmering suspicion. Most frequent ws the charge that Washington's obession with Iraq was all about oil. (Spendign 100 billion on war and pstwar reconstruction just to get a better deal on oil, which Saddam is willing to sell to anyone anyway doesn't make much sense, but never mind) ONCe highly intelligent executive asked me whye we wanted to get rid of Iraq's chemical and biological agents while maintaining our own arsenal of these weapons. When i explained that in fact the United States did not have such an arsenal, the gentleman looked skeptically at me and said, "Officially". He found it entirely plausible that the oldest constitutional democracy in the world has secret wepons labs with armies of scientists manufacturing poison gas."
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