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[TA]-AlaraphonAMD EXPOSED!!


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This rare photo shows ole 'phonie" here doing a little practicin' of clownery.


So thats why he was gone sooo long! Well we at TA frown down upon your controversial clown/mime lifestyle. I have requested your immediate removal from the clan.


Darn! Mac has just informed me I can't request that, you haven't done anything wrong there. Well, welcome back jack, BUT I'll be watching you! :D


hehehehh... I can't act serious I'm tooooo silly.

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You shall never take me alive.*mimes running at full speed*I learned all that I've learned from the French*puts on a black beret and mimes smoking a cigarette*You Americannes, you know nothing of the peace, you know nothing of the luve, you know nothing but your bacon and pig fat. You must learn to be French.*mimes running at full speed*Sure thing, that isn't so hard.Ok so now I'm, not only running from the Markman but also the French Free Forces. *mimes sighing**waves**mimes running at full speed*
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