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The Witcher S3 (Netflix)

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The Witcher Season 3 begins on Netflix


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Ahh the end of a great show. i say the end because Cavill is a great... GREAT, do you hear me, actor and as a gamer wants to keep the show true to it's cannon and the head writer is a d-bag twit who thinks their version is somehow better than what was originally created so Henry is leaving for the Warhammer show that he will have a lot more creative control over. Netflix will soon see what giving in to primadonna writers will cost because the show will crash and burn. It should be evident based on the complete piece of trash Blood Origin was. I really wanted that to be good but yeah it was just horrible.

Liam Hemsworth while a decent actor isn't his brother and for damn sure isn't Cavill. IMHO Cavill IS Geralt and if not number one, a real close number two Superman.

I'm gonna miss The Witcher when it inevitably crashes and burns into a soldering heap.   

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