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Forums Configuration Question...Need Help...Please Respond


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There are many configuration settings in our new forums, but I am stumped on one of the settings. When you select forums link on the left, I can make it automatically open at "Maximize" or "Minimize" It is now set to "Minimize", so you can stay in the frame and see the links on the left. YOu can also Select "Maximise" at the top of you screen and enlarge the forums to full page.If I set it to "Maximize" on start, you can always select minimize to return to the site.There is actually a setting where I can place a link at the top that says return to website, but it does not work. The people who designed these forums are going to have a new release soon that will fix many bugs and will be adding many more enhancements....very cool
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-Psy4]i'd like the minimize mode because the left menu stil apparent and it's more easy to come back in an other section of the website

Thanks for your input Psy4, but remember, all you have to do to go back is select "Maximize" at the top and it returns you to the same location
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-Gator]Actually, I have set the system to allow the user to decide. Once you are logged in it will rememebr the way you used it last. :D

It don't work for me, if i put it in min mode it stil in max mode when i go on an other topic or when i come back to an other section of the forum...
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