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My 120GB HD is here!


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See you're senior counsel now too, good job.

Yeah today has been full of good news!



It took me a little longer to get things running cause my wife made me driver her shopping...had to make up for not telling her about my HD coming :oops: . I am about to install HL and all my mod stuff. I should have it up and soon. I will be on after work in the morning...thankfully I only have to work about 4 hours!

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StateCop, put your 30 or 40 GB. hd on C:\ & your 120 GB. on D:\ cos your 120 GB. take a long time to format than the 40 & 30...If it was mine, i shall put the 120 for backup files, cos it will be never reformated after you have installed & formated it : it's most easy to reformat a 30 or 40 GB. than the 120 GB. : 3 more time most than the 40...Keep your 30 or 40 who was the main C:\ and the 120 GB. in D:\ for backups... But dont forget to change his jumper on "slave" cos it's in "master" when you buyed it.Egidio.
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