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25mbs of mem

Killer From Away

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If you ask my oppinion, i would say the average idiot impatient kid would say this "Hmm What is wrong with half-life i am never playing this stupid game again, but what what is valve going to release in a couple months? HALF LIFE 2, oh well since they messed hl1 up, now lets buy hl2", ok well i think this is a scheme to get money basiccally...... :LOL: but i am stupid too ;)
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On my XP Pro Steam uses 19MB. Just sitting there. Doing nothing... And the memusage is slowly growing, so I suspect some MemLeaks... Wonder what it's doing to my threads and handles... Hmmm.... Oh well, WHO CARES! I've got 500MB that hardly ever get used anyhow... Might es well fill them with something... But it is kind of a mystery, why Steam should use more than a couple of kilobytes... It is just a LAUNCH program, as far as I can tell. What else is it doing? Calculating PI to the Umpteenth decimal? Or reserching radio waves from outer space???BTW Killer From Away, cute kitten in your Sig... (Wonder how it reloads? With the claws... and everything.... Hmmm...) *sinks into long meditation*Haeve ae goode wone!
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