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Super Funky 2.8 bug


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I wanted to try out the new Remington but all the servers were suffering from that stupid metamod bug that wont let you get the new gun. So i started up my own server and the weirdest bug came to light. I bought a sterling, a rem and nomenclature. I fired the sterling, yes the sterling and WHAMMO it fired off shotgun shells (even ejected them as spent casings) at a super speed. I filled the entire facade of blue base in golan with buckshot holes with one clip. Thinking holy crap to myself I take out the rem, and test fire it. It makes no sound, makes no animation, and leaves no bullet holes but it does decrement the ammo count and it does reload. WTF, i hope its just me because if this bug functions on a wide scale, than the sterling auto shotty will become the uber glitched weapon of all time, able to take out ENTIRE squads of men in a single clip.
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Read my announcement on the main page and it will explain all you are asking here. There is nothing qrong with 2.8, but rather with metamod. When they have a new release, they usually add new "entities" to some funtions that enable you to have a better affect. Like the medivac choppers in 2.65, they also required an "entity" addtion to the Metamod.dll. If we turn off CD and Amdinmod, we can have the remington, or we can wait a few days or so until they get the new metamod release. Until then, I would recommend not selecting the Remington :)
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