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-Sam.Gen.]Ok, well Gator i do not know if this is supposed to go here, but when i start steam (which i had working for 2 days)and it says, That game is not available right now. Whenever i try to open half-life or firearms..so i dunno what to do now :) (((

make sure you are configured as shown above :)
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Yes, i read through those, It appears as if i have set everything up correctly, eitherway, I just deicided to take the quick painless easy route out. Quick-Restore :) i went back to yesterday and fixed everything up from there. I would reccomend (if you have the slightest idea what quick-restore is) to use that if you have incorrect installed or configured you Steam, anyway i had to re-install HL and do all this stuff when i should have just looked to quick restore(windows XP), For me it saved allot of trouble, maybe it can save some of you some too! anyway thanks Gator, BTD -Sam.Gen.
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