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Hello All


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-BornToDie]Hiiiiii et vous parlez français au Québec ? Pourtant le Québec est au Canada ?

But the Town is in Canada ?


ouais je parle francais, Oui le Quebec est au canada (pou linstant) et oui je suis separatiste


Fast traduction:


Yes I speak french, Yes Quebec is in Canada (for now) and yes I am a separatist. (2 cultures with totally different stuff, can't live well under the same government or even country in my opinion)


Oh, and thanks everyone for the welcome :D .

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salut vamp, je n'aime pas le francais, but i have to take it in school and i suck at it :\



2 Languages? 1 sentence?! Crazy...

Et si vous en auriez appris 8 langues comme moi dont 3 les + difficiles : j'en parle que 4 qui passent partout car les 4 autres je m'en sert que très rarement et je commence à les perdre...


And if you have learned 8 languages like me, whose or which 3 are the most difficult : i speak only 4 every days cos they are in general use so the other 4 i dont use yet anymore and begin to lost them cos they are rarely speaked & heared.



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Bod, where you want me to come? I am learning German in college, but just start like 6 weeks ago :DBorn: t'est a 8 langues, les quelles? Moi jai Francais, Anglais, Espagnol, Italien, Allemand pis un peu de Latin.Born: Which 8 languages? I currently have french, English, Espagnol, Italien, German and a bit of latin.
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