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hi everyone


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i don't know if is there taboo to talk about that here.

i just know the probleme beetween some DoL and some TA members.

the attitude of the futur Dol leader is not right. this is my post in our forum.


like my friend manchini, i totaly disagreed with falcon's word.

Firearms is a games, not a way to complain or to bad speak to other fa players.

i love DoL team as much as TA team.

i start play FA in TA server where they teach to me the rules of fps on internet. they are a good team. i hope DoL ending like TA but i don't think with a nervous leader you can do the same...

see you on a firearms server for having good time.



we cannot stay in a clan where the leader couldnot be a example for all other fa players.

manchini and I, we return at stay of mercenary until we can find an other good clan ( TA do you want us? :D )

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ouaip mais j'ai surtout entendu parler de falcon et de ses ptit insultes mal place c'est surtout ca.."sale nazi", j'aime pas des masses commes insultes...il a pris un peu la grosse tete non?english versioni have heard about falcon's insults.i don't like the people who say nazi at everyone.
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"et pour repondre, falcon a insulter les TA les traitant de anti-americain et autre insultes..." Ok what Psy is saying here is basically," and to answer, falcon has insulted TA saying they treated them of anti-americain and another insults of the same type ..." Am i close Psy ?? lol
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Hi guys.We quick-tempered ourselves too quickly while posting everywhere. We have a talk with Falcon and he excused itself. I hope he do that with TA members. So, it's true we like TA, but we decide to stay in DoL, coz it's the best clan of FA and we WIN :D :DEh ben, y'en pas mal qui parle francais ici, j'en connaissais 2-3, mais d'autres me surprennent :DTraduct :Lots of guys speak french here, I knew 2 or 3, but others surprise me :DCya.PS : Maybe one day we are in TA :D
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