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who didn't want you in the clan???

If it was because alot of people are like 'Wow, another DoL' than that didn't mean people didn't want you...

please explain

exampele quote then12: welcome to the clan sniping will be a good adition. And quote unwanted hero: i`d rather not.
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To clearify his attachment... I was saying welcome to the clan (period) ALSO I remember you as being the guy sho sniped to crap out of me several times (period) ADDITIONALLY I would like to say I'm glad your on our side now so you won't snipe me (period)_ I wasn't trying to rude or uninviting, but rather happy you were here. Sorry if you took that the wrong way, I guess I should have explained better. Peace.
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Lets all remember that we ALL are of different races, ages, and cultures. There will be times that we misunderstand what someone said, but make sure to ASK that person to clarify what they mean. I have been in the TA's long enought to know that some times things can be taken out of context, but that is whats so great about the TA's you are not alone and most all of us are willing to debate an issue with out getting mad. So Snauhi when we selected you to be a TA we ment it. Sorry that things got distorted and on hard fellings.
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