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new hack out


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I played on several servers today and on three of them I encountered people shooting the remington extremely fast, like saiga fast. CD was optional on the server but they had it on. I don't know if this is en exploit or a new hack but it is pretty obvious when it is happening. Keep your heads up TA.-PUNISHER
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Marksmanship does indeed increase the firespeed of the Remmy. I just fired up marinebot and confirmed this. I shot the remmy without marks and counted seconds between shots. Takes Remmy little over a second to fire the second shot. With Marks I, it fired under a second. Marks II seemed to have less of a dramatic effect, but the gun fired pretty fast.Noma was cool on the remmy, didn't notice the guy loads 2 shells a pop when you have noma.At anyrate, you need to getyourself marks 2 and check the firespeed for yourself on the remmy, then see if it was just as fast as those guys you were seeing. As also mentioned, it could of been one of those dang Steam glitches we were seeing.
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