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Some wierd spyware....


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Spybot is the the best anti-spyware program I've run into. You can find it at http://spybot.eon.net.au/


It's totally free, unless you want to make a donation to the nice guy who came up with it. This bad boy took a nasty little bugger off my wife's computer that lavasoft's "Adaware" couldn't touch.


As for how you got it, I can list a few of popular downloads that are bundled with spyware.


Kazaa (Kazaa will need to be reinstalled often if you use spyware removal programs like myself and my wife do)

Bonsai Buddy

Comet Curser

Gator (the password help program, not our CL!)

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Sometimes, the junk is just snuck onto your computer. I updated and ran Spybot again today and found about 2 dozen more pieces of spyware. About the only thing I've downloaded since the last time I did this was the UT3K, Unreal 2, FA and it's updates, and Steam. Gator, according to spybot, is sometimes snuck on your computers when you just visit a site that uses it.I have been doing alot of web surfing lately, mostly looking up guns and stuff. (got my 7X57 Mausser my dad's been holding, so I've been reviewing the care and maintence of firearms) So I guess I picked some of it up visiting sites.
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