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New Mega Map Pack Available now


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I compiled all of the maps listed in our download section and placed them into a single self-extracting file. Please following the instructions while installing. All the files MUST be installed in your "Half-Life" directory, and not in your "Firearms" or "Maps" directory.We plan to run all of these maps on the TAC server for TA Family night, and will also be playing some of them on the main public server. The TAC server will be set to "NOT ALLOW DOWNLOADS" because it lags the server out when players connect. For folks with 56k modems, I will be posting in advance the maps that will be played, so you can aquire the map through the individual download sections.Let me know how you like it
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The new new Map Pack is now available for download. It contains 81 maps. Completed uploading at this time... 5:30 EST (Server time). If you downloaded the pack prior to that, you will be missing 2 mapsps_ Amazonps_ps_underdark_v1If you downloaded prior to this message, please check and make sure you have these maps. If you do not, all you have to do is go to the individual map download section and get them. If you like the map installer, please give me some feedback. :) Gator
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