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Take this tiny Firearms Test!


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In this test of wills between the red team and the blue team, who do you think will win?


More Details: The member from blue team is armed with an Colt 1911 .45. The member from red team is equipped with the standard knife given to all Firearms soldiers.

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This is a no brainer the red team silly.The red guy will be running arround the blue guy while the blue guy shoots out of his entire clip. Then the blue guy will frantically try to reload while the red guy is chasing him down. The blue guy will trip on a rock and his gun will be knocked away too far to reach. The red guy will pull a matrix style backflip and land with his knife in the blue guys neck.Combat Knife > Colt .45
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Wow. I thought this may be a one-sided poll, that perhaps everyone would get this little question right. I suppose I could go ahead and give the answer....


Anyone who's said Red Team, pat yourself on the back -- that's who would obviously win this battle. And don't say it's because I like knifers; there are many reasons why the red soldier would win.


1) A skilled knifer has stealth. A master knifer earns stealth and battlefield agility. Look at the pic -- he looks like he knows what he's doing, doesn't he? Hence, he would have plenty of sprint and would be a hard target.


2) Blue is a newb. How do you know this? He has no helmet! The Red guy might have a nice head of hair, but it is under his protective helmet. Safety first, people.


3) I forgot to mention, but Blue is out of ammo. Again, how do I know it? Look at that "Oh, shit" expression plastered on his face. He knows he's screwed. Red knows Blue's screwed. Red is about to pounce all over him.


4) Red has bendable limbs. :roll: Yes, I know this is getting farfetched, but you have to pay attention to everything. Without bendable limbs, Blue can't even follow Red.


5) Even if Blue won, he'd eventually die. His hair is falling out, unfortunately, which means one thing: testicular cancer. If he doesn't die from the cancer, I'm pretty sure he may be able to find a Claymore, grenade, or even an ammo box with which to blow himself out of his misery.


That's pretty much it. The answers are out there.

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