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Many of you may not care... and many of you might be like, "wait... he siad that before, and played for 2 weeks... and then was gona again."Well that's cuz I got addicted to Counter-Strike for some time...after many long hours of therapy (taking a break and playing other stuff like Enemy Territory), I decided to get back into it... but my clan moved on to 1.6... so I DL'd the full version of Steam, after which I got addicted to DoD... and still am.I have this huge urge to get back into FA... load up with a custom arsenal, and dish out some death, modern style for a while now. So now I gotta get the latest FA... and get it working with Steam. I was playing back in... 2.5 & 2.6... and I think they started working on 2.7 right away, and somebody recognized my name while playing DoD and asked if I still played FA... he told me 2.8 was out, and I started thirsting again.I never came over to the forums because I forgot that my cookies ended up in 2 places in XP, and I recently decided to clear them all out, and then I was like "hey... I could get on the TA forums now!" so I did.Did I just write a lot?
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