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-Donut]OK. I just started up STEAM and got this error when trying to connect to different servers

I think this might be either because of the update, the maintanence, all the STEAM file server thingies aren't up yet or a mix of all of them. Maybe someone knows of anything that can fix this if it's just me? I've tried re-signing in, checking the registry and restarting my computer a few times, but nothings worked.


We all get the same Errors when trying to connect to any server... i think it is still because of the steam update... I get it, Catdady gets it and Never surrender gets it.... and i think a couple of ppl too, cause nobody is on the server :cry: :cry:


try it again later (2hrs) or check the Steamsite or our Frontpage for new...



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If you are having problems...stop and then start your STEAM appinstead, right click on your STEAM icon in the taskbar and "LOGOUT". it'll log you out. shut down steam. restart steam.


if that doesn't work (it will, 95% of the time!), try again.


if it still doesn't work, i have a secondary way.l

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