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extra files??


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Ok got fa + steam installed along with hlsw and cdand now on my desktop (where i saved hlsw and cd) and now i have like 6 files that came from no whereone is wonid.db4.backupanother is ipspaceanother is filteranother is serverlist"" wonid.db4"" serverlist.dat.backupDoes anyone know if i can move these or to which proram they belong?thanks for the help
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don't install programs to your DESKTOP, silly!


install HLSW to a folder called (duh) HLSW. then create a shortcut.


those are HLSW's necessary files

B.I.N.G.O. :LOL:


Create a folder on your C:\ Drive and name it HLSW. Then download and install HLSW on in that folder.

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-Me]Either that, or if you must have em on your desktop at least install them in a folder on your desktop, but like they said in a normal folder(not on your desktop cuz in xp thats a long pathname) make a shortcut.

ha ha! C:\Windows\Sucks\Documents and Settings\Username\OMGMAKE IT STOP!


yeah, i changed mine to E:\Desktop


along with E:\Start Menu, E:\Send To, etc etc etcc

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