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Spam: The Christmas List


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The Spam Fan contest is still underway! Get to the thread and post your own version of a funny cartoon based on Firearms!In the meantime, I figured I'd take a break from the toons and give you all any Firearm player's christmas list:1. Balance out the Famas2. The 24/7 Durandal server to actually have Durandal 24/73. More and better sniper rifles4. Give back the Steilhand grenades5. Speaking of grenades: no more "politically correct" pull the pin before throwing crap6. Fix the mortar bug7. Microphones can't be used by anyone who hasn't hit puberty8. To have mad skrillz with a knife (unless you already do, in which case you'd appreciate the option for a bigger knife in turn for no gun)9. Give back the STG10. Speed-loaders for the .4411. If we jump off of something, and land on someone else, their neck should be broken along with our stupid leg12. New skills... forget marksmanship, give us bullet-time!13. New, better ways to spam14. Canned spam rations with yours truly on the label, grinning like the retard I am
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