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the AK-47 was mass produced right after WW2 during the 1950's and early 60's during the cold war. some 50 million AK-47's wer made. with the rise of comunist china and the indo china war russia supply'd china with AK-47's. some year or so later russia sent gun enginniers to china and created the AK-M (modurnised ak-47) which is pretty much the same weapon but with some small modifications. china and russia both supply'd the north korean army and the south korean viet cong with AK-47's and AK-M's during the veitnam war. in the 1980's when russia was in a conflict with afganistan the russian army used, yep you guessed it, AK-47's, AK-M's, and AK-74's. during this conflict the afganies collected MANY AK's from dead russian troops and still use them today b/c they are in great supply and they are almost indestructible. but after the afganie conflict and the fall of communist russia and the large armament industry behind it russia had really no need for all theses AK's so in a nut shell they sold a lot of them all over the world, such as terrorist oriented areas as south africa, the chech republic (b4 it becam the chech republic) and some nations in the middle east. in short b/c russia and china made a crap load of the AK's and ditributed them around the world along with its popularity as a reliable rifle in any condition and that you can buy one for about $50 (US standards) its become the cheap, light weight, relaible, and effective weapon of choise by terrorists.
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AK are low cost, over producted, sometime free for civil revolutions, it fire under the water also when it fall in the mud or dirt, very low maintenance, not lot of pieces in move or for to desable it and millions of it are beside the world

that's probaly the best explaination

also, it doesn't jam like the m16 and m4a1

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It's not a comparison to another gun, only the best quality of a simple gun, with less pieces than other, by the manufacturor of this AK...But i think M16 and updated M16 are best than AK to reach a fixed or a moved target ?First tip, M16 are less weight than AK...M16 have most plastic than steel... And there is for this, the full metal jacket bullets are best on the AK...Egidio.
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A little quiz :

Everybody know the bullets used on some guns & pistols + revolvers !

Now, but all persons who works on fighters, other flying things firings somethings & flying screws must to be in silent cos they know the answers...


You know the name of the pullets for guns is : "bullets".

On fighters like F14, F16, F18, F117 and i make cannons guns maintenance from Mirage 5B from France used in Belgium ; they are "shells" or "armo(u)r-piercing shells" but there are not alone on the barrel that give, a metalic bell, the shells to the gun : there are other "shells" in the barrel and each have a differents colo(u)rs & rules : who have what color & rule cos there is 3 or 4 sort of "shells" onto this fighters and how they are placed in the bell into the barrel ?<--- Very precise please.


PS. The winner have a troll with Chapplain's F-18 or with me but i think now, each time that i takeoff, i never have landed cos i have been splashdown in the sky !

(With the F-104 simulator) :)

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Sorry Chappy :oops: i dont thinked that people call your team for that but i am DBL (Death by Laughing) :) MDR (Mort de rire) :) They dont know when you fly 5 to 6 or 8 in Diamond wing on wing, it's very dangerous & mortal... :) They want to die young ! :) Nobody typed the right answer and nobody win the quiz ! :roll: Egidio.PS. For AK & M16, i never have had those guns on my hands, but i know their balistics and their performances... Also with the fighters... I assembled them but never flyed with them.:idea: But only on the simulators... :)
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Red - Tracer


Black - Armor piercing


Blue - Incendiary


Grey/Aluminum - Armor pierce/Incendiary


Natural - Ball


Red/Grey - Armor pierce/incendiary/tracer



30mm Cannon Ammunition

The 30mm x 173 GAU-8/A ammunition was among the most effective ammunition used in Operation Desert Storm with proven performance against all targets, including tanks, armored and light vehicles. The 30mm lightweight family of ammunition was developed to optimize the air-to-ground mission of the U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopter. This ammunition family is also compatible with all 30mm x 113 gun systems.



30mm x 113

M788 (TP) Target Practice

M789 (HEDP) High Explosive Dual Purpose

M799 (HEI) High Explosive Incendiary


30mm x 173


PGU-13/B HEI High Explosive Incendiary

PGU-14/B API Armor Piercing Incendiary [DU]

PGU-15/B TP Target Practice




FYI Must read.





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