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I upgraded the site yesterday, but the "Random Screens" block no longer works. Some of you may have noticed things while I was desperately trying to get the thing working. I am still trying, so please don't freak out if you see the site act a little wierd once in a while. :) Also, there is a new program comming out soon that is even better than this, so I may move us to the new program if I cannot get "Gallery" to display the block properly. If I do that, I will leave "Gallery" up for a while so you can download and upload your pics to the new program. The new program will allow private pic galleries if you so choose.Gator
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Ya I noticed the site was down yesterday and today again for a little bit it was because of PNphp thing. Gator it would be cool to have that new program. I love what you have done to this site. This is the nicest firearms clan site IMHO.

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