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If you get a crash after restarting/relogging into Steam!!!

If after the latest update, you get an error looking something like this...



steam.exe (main exception): Win32 StructuredException at 0163048B: Attempt to write to virtual address 2439276314 without appropriate access rights.




The instruction at "0x1000ecd" referenced memory at "0x016470c0." The memory could not be "read."




Here is the fix

Go into your Steam folder, and delete the file "ClientRegistry.blob". Start Steam, and it should work.


This is a known issue with the Steam developers, and I am sure they will be working on a fix to push out soon. In the mean time, an apology for this error :^(

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How about "Steam temporarily unavailable". I just got that message 5 minutes ago - after 99% of the update has been completed! To make things funnier, I already updated Steam about 8 hours before that.And earlier in the day, the update would come to 99% then start over. After doing so 3 times (!) it would say ... "Steam temporarily unavailable. Please try again later"!!! Fortunately, Statecop's solution worked (thanks, man).I went out for only a few hours, now I come back and it's a mess again.Don't you just "love" Steam?
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