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Never Tried it. I am willing to bet that Battlefield: 1942 is better. Not because I think so, just because you normally get better quality in a game that is not free. Battlefield is way ahead of Half-life in just about everything...half-life is just old, None-the-less I love HL...
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OMG! 7fps! Thats nuts man, but ya know, even if you get a top-of-the-line Card, or even a decent CPU, by today's standards i think a good rate is like 40-50, maybe even more. I overclocked my GeForce FX 5200 128mb (Verto Brand) and it played quite smooth, with 1ghz CPU, and 384mb RAM. Without the overclock the card clocked in at 249mhz engine clock, and 405mhz ddr clock. With the regular fan on the processor i could do 20mhz over just fine. I haven't really tested the limits, and frankly don't want to. I couldn't live with a burnt up video card. There's this nice program you can put a high priority on processing a certain program.... It's called Powerstrip.
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For the guy's loving AA.

Already registered at the tracker site? :mrgreen:



a thirdparty fansite, with a crappy tracker atm (problem has to do with the game coding, not the tracker itself) but more so a great, warm and helpfull community, where already 85000 members are registered.

The site is European based, but the community is worldwide.


Sorry for the advertising, guy's

But the tracker site does rock! 8)

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Elecktra: yea my clan uses that, but isnt the tracker on the new AA site more precise?

Only for telling how more points you need to reach next honor.

Not you overall stats or to find buddies for example.


When playing on a server with 16 slots or less (or a patched one) is the tracker working perfectly.

We have a lot of new features lying here.... waiting to be added when the DEV's can be arsed to create that so much needed serverside patch.

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