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Hackers don't exist in the numbers you percieve them today.... quite frankly, I think CD prevents accusations more than it prevents cheaters. I'm not denying that it works because it does, it's just been my observation that you see more accusations of cheating than you see cheaters when CD is off. ;)By all means tho, please put it on, it's nice to think there isn't any cheaters about.
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:\ You all sound like American news reporters. Buggering away at society. All the bad stuff is shown. You know what? When I get off, I don't think "WTF MAN THAT HACKER RUINED IT"I think "Glad I helped that guy just playing Firearms, made my day." Hacking. Wow, I could care less. Put C-D back on, I'll still play, it doesn't change anything for me anyways. I'll still be the guy helping out the newcomer.My two cents...
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