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MY brother and I designed this Mod to be a realistic alternative to regular DC.


My brother is one of the head coders and is the main sound man for the DC team, we worked over the past month and a half to make everything about the vehicles and weapons and physics of all units in Dc to function like their real life counterparts.


There are many added features to this mod as oposed to regular DC.

in DC there are only 6 classes per team, this mod allows for up to 21 different classes via Spawn packs/kits. This mod also focuses alot more on teamwork skills, for instance an apache needs a pilot which gets control of FFAR's or anti-AA flares, the nose gunenr gets control of the cannon and the hellfires.


We have divided the classes so jsut about everyone gets a rifle + 1 main weapon.

AT soldier gets only the AT4 or the Smaw depending on the pack, as well as his rifle and any other accessories that would normally be issued to an AT infantry, as it would be in real life. Changes like this are necessary for diversity and the element of TEAMWORK.


It has full COOPerative support, so please get used to this by starting your own single player game and testing out all the new equipment so you can be ready for this Saturday when Gator puts the server up.


The full readme on changes can be found at this Link.


-- http://tanelorn.86ed.net/ --


P.S. This mod uses DC as a backbone, It will not overwrite or change any of the origional DESERTCOMBAT files. It is contained in its own seperate mod folder.

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I liked the mod for the most part. The only things that are glaring that need fixed really really bad are crash bugs and rpgs mainly first off. for balance issues a tank should not be able to take 4 direct hits of a rps and still be trucking on like nothing happened. Also the SA3 sites are hard to use. The old ones IMO are much better. i love they way they take off drop a bit then gain speed but that should be fixed. you could make the main guided mirv like that and leave the other rocket alone for decent AA purposes. its hard enough guiding around a MIRV much less ever singel rocket like that.Also the tank zoomed in feature.. that should be optional / key oriented. I dont know about you but looking through that veiw constantly (alltho a great ideia and works well) gives me a headache as it did others. It hurts your eyes. All the guns overheating and showing bars more properly was a great thing no problems there. Most of the maps need a touch up however. Things got mixed around so where blackhawks use to spawn you have dune buggys and where apachi's use to spawn you have little birds ect. (if this is intentional why you a dune buggy on a heli pad?)love the new sound effects for all that was altered. seems there are a few compatibility issues with the maps on a dedicated server that needs to be addressed asap. with the new 1.6 patch out old bf1942 maps dont work till DC is updated, and in so the tanelorn mod can only "see" old bf modifired maps making it totaly unplayable atm.as with normal dc alot of the new guns and animations are a bit off.. like the insta reload with alot of the machine guns now. AA seems to be a bit better, the AA class can accually take out aircraft like they are soposed too.. cudos!the new araments for alot of the planes are mostly good.. the bombs that fire like missles can make bombing easier.. however the bombers with 124 hydros is a bit.... well aginst anything other then infantry or light armor kinda useless. the helos are great now. i love how it give more athority to the gunner position then just simple fireing of a machine gun. and the way the hydros and missles fire are a big plus. I also like how more of the vehicles are making an appearance in alot of the mpas with this mod. this is a good thing. The suicide bomber... YAY!OVerall i like this minimod. there are just alot of bugs that have to be wroked out. but its definately going in a good direction. If its able to continue in production i cant see why servers wouldnt use a bug free version of this mod :D
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