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yes I know this has been done before, but it'd be cool...once again...to see what everyone has on their desktop and what wallpaper they're using.


Also, feel free to swap wallpapers or ask questions and stuff.


So...just take a screenie of ur desktop as you see it everyday, and post it here!!!


here's mine:



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the thing i don't like about desktop threads is that mine is ever changing.


new skins for my LiteStep all the time.


webshots in conjunction with a LOAD of photos from my personal life, explodingdog.com, digitalblasphemy.com, and random other stuff...


but currently, i've got:



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Um.. heres my laptop..




And.. heres my mid tower..




Both have a program that switches my wallpaper to a new one every 60 minutes because i get bored of the same wallpaper.. i have a directory full of them on my computers for it to pick from randomly..

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