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Sorry to hear the many woes.I am lucky to be working albeit too much.It is either feast or famen with my company.Unfortunatley we were Feasting 6 to 7 days a week till 9/11. Then the bottom dropped out.Over 600 hourly and 200 saleried were layed off permanently. They cut more saleried as time went on too.We are still a strong company. We just have less people.It is do more with less or LEAN as they are putting the new programs to work to get us to make more with less people.At least I have a job.Now only if I can get 10 more years. That will be 30 years at age 49. I can retire, collect pension and medical and move to Vermont where I have 2 acres put aside.
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Retire at 49? Seems a little young to retire, but hey, I'm Canadian, things are different up here ;) . Mac, you should open a small computer buisness, nothing big, but offer people cheaper prices than the big name companies, it would be perfect for you. You're real smart with computers, and you would make a great buisnessman.
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