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Far Cry Demo ?


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Has anyone played the Demo so far ? Is it worth to play ? Evertime i am killed by the first guys i see on land. Has someone a tip for me ? Would be nice if i had my MP5 from FA...HEHEEHThe graphics is great, especially the water animations.. Absolutely perfect. I think the game runs a little bit slow on my pc (2,4 GHz, Geforce4 TI 4600). I think a must buy a new one for the future games.But if think the game will be very good and a big hit.Hasta la vista
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Ater i play the Demo fully trough, i say only something: the Demo is absolutely great. The game will be one of the top games this year. A cheat is also available. The enemys are very good in shooting...Download it, play it and i promise you cant wait for the full version of the game..Hasta la vista
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