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Anyone know who this person is?


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-}Ln${-Pediphile-}a${- ? He hasn't been playing very nice for the past few hours, and I finally quit cuz I had enough of it. When You call someone a faggot, then say faggot faggot faggot in one line, that doesn't seem like the type of person we'd like on TA. I dunno why faggot isn't filtered, I know why fag is, but nobody calls a cigarette a fag, cept Scarecrow :mad: The TA rules, and I know them well, don't allow people to direct insults towards others. Those rules apply for TA as well as those who play there. Calling someone a faggot isn't a racial term, but I think it's close enough. I'm not gay, but I imagine if there are some players who are, they really wouldn't like this.My 2 shots.Teladro
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