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Halo Help.


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My brother just bought HALO, and he know nothing about computers, so I am forced to install it. Anyways, I get a DirectX error whenever I try to load the game up. It says exactly this:


A problem occured initializing Direct3D, Hardware Acceleration may be disabled. Please run DXDIAG

Thing is, hardware acceleration IS running. Everything is working fine for Direct3D as well. I tested it.


Someone help me out, please.

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I got Halo on PC too. I had a lot of problems of installing it. And on my pc 2.4 with Geforce 4 Ti 4600 it was not very fast, thats the reason in the end i have deinstalled it. The PC Version is not much better than the Xbox Verson, i think. On the Xbox i played a lot. But without cheats i had on some levels great problems. I hoped when i have the pc version i can play the whole game, but the problems were too big... Now i play the Halo Mod on BF1942 instead...
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