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Ban Request


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Name:bLaCk TeAr[-u$c-]



I was playing IwoJima with my 6 year old brother in the room when black tear said the following over the mic...




I then informed him that my brother was in the room and had heard that (as seen in pic) and he responded in a very rude manner.


(Please Excuse my language, i was angry)



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It has nothing to do with this special request, but i wanna say a word about banning. I think sometimes it is useful to ban someone. But i think also, everyone should get a second chance before and after. When someone should be banned, one of the admins should talk with him or listen to his story. All the reasons for banning, as a newbie, i dont know, but i understand when someone is banned or kicked, when he/she uses again and again the wrong words. After a hard day in office it could happen, that even the best says the wrong word. It happened also to me before (i dont wanna say i am the best). I said the bad word ... but after i said it, i regret it. It could happen... We are all humans... Hasta la vista, Gamers
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That is true Arnie, people can get frustrated and angry during the day. That still is no excuse for consciously typing out some obscene comment or cursing over voice comm. People need to accept the consequences for their own decisions. Being drunk, having a bad day, or some other excuse is no reason to come on a server and take out your anger or be a general pain in the neck towards other players. I get mad, but I don't go cursing over the voice comm (but people in my hallway will hear the occasional "dammit!") People need to learn some restraint.
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If the guy had immediatly apologised (As I have in the past when I've slipped and somebody calls me on it), then no action is necessary. But he obviously has no respect for his fellow player. We don't need that kind of crap on this server.Bojangles.... your response was kinda..... rough as well. Try being a little more diplomatic next time :DMy 4 year old watches me play DC and FA regularly. Actually, he watches me play just about anything I play. I don't mind... there's something strangly comforting having him at my arm jabbering and asking questions.
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