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DC closes when done loading


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Recently I can't join the DC server because it closes when I finish loading the map. When it finishes loading the map it closes to my desktop. A few days ago I was playing on the DC server and I was not lagging, it was great. Then it suddenly disconnects and gives a message about DC. It gave something along the lines of "You were disconnected while trying to update PB. You will not be able to rejoin the server for 2 minutes." Well, I just exited DC and went on playing another game. A day later I tryed to connect and got disconnected and closesed to desktop right after I was done loading. Ever since the samething.
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I keep getting kicked off of servers and I see messages about INIT FAILURE or technical errors about pbcl.dll or pbag.dll, or messages about DISTRESS or Update timeout ... what is wrong?


These problems are almost always caused when your PunkBuster can't keep itself updated for some reason. Sometimes they are caused when the server you are trying to play on is running an old version of PunkBuster. If this problem happens only on one or a few PB Servers, then the cause is likely that those servers are outdated; in that case, you should avoid those servers. If this happens to you on every PB server you try to play on then its most likely a problem with your PB


Here is a link to help trying to update Luker. http://www.punkbuster.com/index.php?page=updatepb.php


go here and download the latest update. it may be a problem with your firewall not letting punkbuster update whilst in game, although generally if you can access the internet for the game you can with PB. if you cant get any joy after you have updated, try to email them (again on the link above).


what firewall do you run?


if its Zonealarm try giving Battlefield 'trusted server' access in the Zone Alarm 'program' configuration this may be your problem.

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