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The DC stats were using a MySQL database I set up on the server. It grew to be over 78 MB in size (very large for MySQL). Becuase of this, it was taking more and more resources for the pages to be generated. I saw it spike up when players were paying and took almost 90% CPU isage. Well, what does that mean? It lagged the server tremendously, and cause "Connection" issues as well as laggy gameplay. Becuase of this, I had to shut them down. I will look for another solution to see if we can get them back up. For now, just play and have fun. :p
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When I had to reconfigure all the DC setting by-hand, I forgot to turn on logging, so the logs will be starting today. I will (or Claymore Carl) will ersae the few prior logs. Good news is that the server is now tweaked for optimum perfomance, and the stats will be coming back to the site as CalymoreCarl is going to make it happen. Thanks Carl :D
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