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whoa... thats all i can say...


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These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat

- Player guided SCUD missile

- SAM sites

- Mobile SAM truck

- M.O.A.B.

- Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles

- More guns on Blackhawk

- Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields.

- Destroyer launches guided Tomahawks and gets a helipad with a Seahawk

- Seahawk has defensive flares and drops guided torpedoes

- Phalanx guns on ships

- Ural tanker "suicide" bomb

- Artillery modifications to prevent "stealing" by other players

- Sub fires Guided Tomahawk and Guided Torpedoes and carries Navy seals

And many more...

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if you submitted it as news one of the web admins would have to approve it.. since i am not a web admin i have no knowledge of your submission however it was not my intension to steal your "scoop" as i found that in my "Gamespy Daily" emails and went to check it out..
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