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Finally found your server and had a great time last night (even though I was having one of those bullet-magnet evenings... :roll: ). Very impressed with the squared-away way you run your server. Always nice to play with good people who play with respect and honor, although not always so easy to find amongst the smaktard-laden servers out there. Again, great games - I'll be back! :wink:
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sup, i am on the server regularly, as an admin or as a player on the server (its easier to alt-tab out and sort someone out with HLSW).. have a good time and be good you wont have a problem.if you do have any problems, screenshots are good, and condumps. snapshots of the console and sucklike are all good for us as it re-enforces the case against the guy with the problem. come post (with them) in the server suggestions and comlaints forum and they will be dealt with accordingly..most of all have fun on the server.
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