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Ati or Nvidia ?


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Since months, i planning to buy and setup myself a new system. Beside the problem if i buy a 32 bit or 64 bit system, i cant make the choice between the Ati 9800 XT and the Nvidia 5950. I think the Ati is better for Halflife 2 and the Nvidia is better for Doom 3. AAARRGGGG... I dont know which card.... Or wait for the new Ati and Nvida Chips ? AAAARGGGHHH.. I think then i will wait forever.... Some friends say i should buy the Ati, some other say i should buy Nvida.. AAARGGGG... Its more and more complicated.. And the tests show no clear winner.... Oh God, these choices.... Hasta la vista
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ATI's shader implementation is superior, so it will prove more useful as more full DX9 games come out. On the other hand, Doom3 will undoubtedly run better on the Nvidia cards, and I'm sure that engine will be used for alot of upcoming games.There is no answer, both cards will do well for the next year. On the otherhand, the next generation cards aren't that far away. Especially since Nvidia is doing the typical PR blitz of 'NV40 has this and is twice as fast!" once it was learned that ATI's next card has tapered out of the chip fabs.I myself have a Radeon 8500 and am going to wait for the next gen cards, which will hopefully be out in 5-6 months.
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